Virtual Gastric Band Sheila Gaynard is Fully Licenced Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner and Trainer 

I am qualified in application of the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB), as developed by Sheila Granger, and am passionate about helping people to take control of their eating and lose weight. 
Have you tried too many diets to remember and none of them have worked? Are you fed up with the yo-yo effect? The secret is to change the way you think about food and to allow the mind and the body to work together. 
This is where the Virtual Gastric Band is different. It isn’t a diet. You can eat what you like, however you just won’t be able to eat very much of it! This makes weight loss easy. 
The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique. Whilst you relax and enjoy your hypnosis, your mind is re-programmed to think about food in a very different, positive way. The Programme consists of 4 weekly sessions which last between 1 to 1 and a half hours. Supporting CDs and a guidebook are also provided. 

Medical Clinical Trials 

I trained with Sheila Granger who pioneered the Virtual Gastric Band. Sheila has worked with the medical profession to raise their awareness about the effectiveness of Virtual Gastric Band and has carried out clinical trials which proved to be 95% successful. The results are astounding, take a look at what some of my clients have said about it in the testimonials below. 


I am also licensed to train other therapists in the application of the Virtual Gastric Band and am really excited about spreading the word about this successful and safe weight loss programme. 
Hello Sheila I have realised that I was so busy telling you about how positive I felt about being able to take on the challenges my week had presented me that I did not properly thank you for starting me off on this path to a different size and shape.....So.....thank you from a smiling, shrinking, me!! 
Hi Sheila,I have now lost 14 pounds in weight and I feel fantastic! People are now starting to notice my weight loss and I have received numerous compliments. I feel so comfortable in my clothes and have lots of energy. I am really happy and pleased with the virtual gastric band results and I just wanted to say thank you. 
I must tell you how wonderful your treatment has been. I loved the sessions... not only have they helped me begin to achieve something I never believed would happen, but the sessions themselves always made me feel relaxed and confident. A huge thank you! Even better news......... for the first time in over eight years of trying I have finally achieved to lose weight, 13lb and continuing, I have never felt as confident that I can achieve my goal. Thank you 
Janet C 
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