Enable Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation 

Smoking is an addiction and, though most of us are aware of the health risks, it is a difficult habit to break. 
Are you ready to give up smoking? 
Hypnotherapy aligns the conscious and sub conscious minds and can therefore enable you to stop. Stop smoking for ever with one intensive session. 
I have a 100% record in helping people quit! 

Enable Hypnotherapy Phobias 

Phobias are irrational fears and can be very effectively treated through hypnotherapy. 
I use a combination of Hypnosis, NLP and behaviour therapy and have successfully treated extreme phobias such as spider phobia, fear of lifts, fear of crowds and fear of flying. 
Fears and phobias can be so disabling and restricting. Get your life back – get rid of your fears! 

Enable Hypnotherapy Coping Strategies 

Sometimes our self-esteem and confidence levels are so low that we feel unable to cope. This can lead to panic attacks, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, smoking, alcohol abuse or even self-harming. 
Hypnotherapy is very effective in balancing the thoughts in your conscious and sub conscious minds and helping you to recognise the good things about yourself and look forward to a more positive future. 
Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve a healthy, balanced attitude to your life and wellbeing and enable you to develop coping strategies to deal with problems. 

Enable Hypnotherapy Exam Stress & Interviews 

A certain level of stress is beneficial in improving our performance – too much stress or out of control anxiety leads to lack of sleep, impairs performance and can even lead to ‘going blank’ in an exam. 
Under hypnosis I can teach you strategies to enable you to sleep, calm down your stress levels while you are preparing for an exam, before the examination starts and even strategies to release the flow of information if you have those ‘blank’ moments during an exam. 
These strategies also work for interview preparation and driving tests 
I had been a heavy smoker for about 30 years, I had given up from time to time – a week here a whole month there, but very quickly I was back smoking again. A friend had mentioned hypnotherapy to me and she told me she had gone to Sheila Gaynard, after one treatment had finally stopped. 
I had to give it a go. I was spending a fortune, my hair and clothes smelt dreadful, I was beginning to feel embarrassed that I was a smoker. 
Sheila was very professional, was easy to talk to and explained exactly what the treatment entailed. I felt comfortable. Because Sheila was confident in me, I felt good and positive about the session. 
That was three years ago and I still remain a non-smoker. Feeling so much better, healthier ….and financially too! Best thing I have ever done! 
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